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Project Panormos Archaeological Survey: Archaeological Data (survey-data)

Wilkinson, Toby C; Strupler, Néhémie; Slawisch, Anja

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                  Strupler, Néhémie and
                  Slawisch, Anja},
  title        = {{Project Panormos Archaeological Survey: 
                   Archaeological Data (survey-data)}},
  month        = oct,
  year         = 2017,
  note         = {{The data presented here was generated from 
                   fieldwork that was funded from a variety of
                   sources. For full funding details of the project
                   supporters and funders, please see project website
                   Contributions to publication and preparation of
                   the data was also made as part of a project that
                   has received funding from the European Union's
                   Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under
                   grant agreement no. 700769.}},
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