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netdiffuseR: Analysis of Diffusion and Contagion Processes on Networks

George G. Vega Yon; Valente, Thomas W

Changes in netdiffuseR version 1.19.0 (2017-10-16) New functions and features

  • rdiffnet now allows passing scalars for threshold.dist, more over, the user can also ask the function to just warn when there is no diffusion instead of returning with error.

  • plot.diffnet, plot_diffnet, plot.diffnet_mentor, and plot_diffnet2 use igraph for plotting. Also, users can now pass "degree" for -vertex.size- (vertex.cex not used anymore), allowing to "automatically" scale vertices by (in/out/.)degree. Also, plotting arguments like vertex. or edge. are standarized so these match igraph.

  • plot_diffnet has a new parameter: background.

  • rdiffnet_multiple, a wrapper of rdiffnet, allows performing simulations studies by running simulating multiple diffusion networks using rdiffnet.

  • exposure has a new parameter: lags. By default lags = 0, returns a lagged exposure matrix.

Bug fixes

  • igraph_to_diffnet was failing with the graph had no weights.

  • drop_isolated was not behaving well for diffnet objects.

  • vertex_covariate_dist was incorrectly specified. Only the default p=2 were OK. Now fixed and the tests/ folder includes a tests on this.

  • plot_diffnet2 was not passing color.ramp to drawColorKey. Now fixed.

  • plot.diffnet_mentor had a bug. Uncesary permutation of vertices was done, but it actually had no visible effect. Similar problem was corrected in diffnet_to_igraph, and other plot methods using igraph for plotting.

Other changes

  • Replacing some C++ functions by R functions in cases in which there was no decrease in performance.

  • plot_diffnet function now has smaller margins, so looks more appealing.

  • New examples in vignettes "netdiffuseR showcase: Medical Innovations", and "Simulating diffusion networks: Using the rdiffnet function".

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