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mittinatten/freesasa: FreeSASA 2.0.2

Simon Mitternacht


  • Relative SASA values are now calculated using the same reference configurations as NACCESS. This means relative SASA values will differ slightly from those of previous versions.
  • Python bindings compatible with Python 3.
  • Man page added
  • Bugs fixed:
    • CLI option --separate-models now outputs all models in PDB output.
    • On some platforms compilation failed when libxml and/or json-c was not present. Now fixed.
    • Some memory allocations were not checked for failure in S&R calculations. These are now properly checked, and done more seldomly, which should improve performance slightly.
  • Residue numbers now include the iCode field for insterted residues
  • Compatibility with Microsoft C Compiler:
    • No variable length arrays
    • Some macros and keywords are redefined when necessary
    • Lexer does not depend on header unistd.h
    • GNU getline not used, replaced by fgets()

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