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gCube 4.7.1 - Geoanalytics v. 2.4.0

Vassilis Floros

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  "description": "<p>\nThe gCube System - geoanalytics<br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\nGeoanalytics is a fully Web-based GIS system and light web project management platform that can be integrated at literally any Geo-oriented project. <br>\n\t\tIt can employ any WMS compliant backend for delivering its layered content and, based on the Open Layers framework, can consume literally any map provider.<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nThis software is part of the gCube Framework ( an<br>\nopen-source software toolkit used for building and operating Hybrid Data<br>\nInfrastructures enabling the dynamic deployment of Virtual Research Environments<br>\nby favouring the realisation of reuse oriented policies.<br>\n <br>\nThe projects leading to this software have received funding from a series of<br>\nEuropean Union programmes including:<br>\n* the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development -<br>\nDILIGENT (grant no. 004260);<br>\n* the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and<br>\ndemonstration - D4Science (grant no. 212488), D4Science-II (grant no.<br>\n239019),ENVRI (grant no. 283465), EUBrazilOpenBio (grant no. 288754), iMarine<br>\n(grant no. 283644);<br>\n* the H2020 research and innovation programme - BlueBRIDGE (grant no. 675680),<br>\nEGIEngage (grant no. 654142), ENVRIplus (grant no. 654182), Parthenos (grant<br>\nno. 654119), SoBigData (grant no. 654024);<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nVersion<br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\n2.4.0-4.7.1-154582 (2017-10-19)<br>\n <br>\nPlease see the file named \"changelog.xml\" in this directory for the release notes.<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nAuthors<br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\n<br>\n* CITE S.A.<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nMaintainers<br>\n-----------<br>\n <br>\n* CITE S.A.<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nDownload information<br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\nSource code is available from SVN: <br>\n<br>\n <br>\nBinaries can be downloaded from the gCube website: <br>\n<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nInstallation<br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\nUse the respective war<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nDocumentation <br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\nDocumentation is available on-line in the gCube Wiki:<br>\n<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nSupport <br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\nBugs and support requests can be reported in the gCube issue tracking tool:<br>\n<br>\n <br>\n <br>\nLicensing<br>\n--------------------------------------------------<br>\n <br>\nThis software is licensed under the terms you may find in the file named \"LICENSE\" in this directory.<br>\n\n</p>", 
  "license": "", 
  "creator": [
      "affiliation": "Communication and Information Technologies Experts S.A., Greece", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Vassilis Floros"
  "url": "", 
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  "datePublished": "2017-10-19", 
  "keywords": [
    "Hybrid Data Infrastructure", 
    "Data Management System"
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  "@type": "SoftwareSourceCode", 
  "name": "gCube 4.7.1 - Geoanalytics v. 2.4.0"
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