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Fig. 15 in Taxonomic revision of the genus Sertularella (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from southern South America and the subantarctic, with descriptions of five new species

Horia R. Galea; Dirk Schories; Verena Häussermann; Günter Försterra

Fig. 15. (A-E) Sertularella patagonica (d'Orbigny, 1842). Portion of fertile colony after Genzano (1990, as S. striata Stechow, 1923 b) (A), Blanco (1967, as S. atlantica Stechow, 1920) (B), Blanco (1974, as S. striata) (C, D), and Millard (1964, as S. striata) (E). (F, G) Sertularella pauciramosa Galea & Schories, 2014. Portion of colony from MHNG-INVE- 86235 (F) and hydrotheca from HRG- 0717 (G). (H) Sertularella quadrispinosa Watson, 2003, redrawn after original. (I-M) Sertularella recta Galea & Schories, sp. nov. Portions of colonies from MHNG-INVE- 79627 (I) and ZMH C 11895 (J). Hydrothecae from the same sources (K and L, respectively). Portion of fertile colony with gonotheca from MHNG-INVE- 79627 (M). N-R Sertularella robusta Coughtrey, 1876. Colony fragments from HRG- 0356 (N), Blanco [1963, as S. tenella (Alder, 1857)] (O) and NMSZ 1959.33. 499 (P). Hydrothecae from former and latter sources (Q and R, respectively). Scale bars: 200 μm (G, H, K, L, Q, R), 500 μm (M), 1 mm (A-F, I, J, N-P).

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