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Prasad Janga; Dr. R. L. Sharma

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based positioning system based on radio ranging technique. The GPS will provide very accurate three-dimensional position, velocity and timing information to users anywhere in the world. GPS can also be used in other applications such as vehicle monitoring for traffic management in urban areas, Geographical Information System (GIS), 4G Communications, marine navigation, search and rescue and military applications. As GPS accuracy is limited by ionospheric effects, this course also covers the basics of ionosphere and its effects on GPS. Navigation is the art of directing a vehicle such as aircraft or a person from one point to another point.  Some of the prominent advantages of the GPS are: Land based system problems like ground reflections, electromagnetic interference, reflections from physical systems are avoided in GPS since it is space constellation, Intentional interference like jamming, unintentional interference will not affect GPS since spread spectrum techniques are used in it, System accuracy can be improved to the order of centimeters using differential techniques, Smaller size and reduced cost of the GPS receiver enable it to be used in 3G Communication. In this paper, a literature review of existing GPS schemes based on block codes that mainly targets towards finding out the tolerance to signals from other GPS satellites sharing the same frequency band (multiple access capability), analyzing the tolerance to some level of multipath interference, there are many potential sources of multipath reflection (example man-made or natural object) and finding out the tolerance to reasonable levels of unintentional or intentional interference, jamming or spoofing by signal designed to mimic a GPS signal.

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