#TV T21 COMmunity# e-Skills, social inclusion and employability

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#TV T21 COMmunity# e-Skills, social inclusion and employability

The awareness for the Trisomy 21 citizen’s inclusion has been slowly increasing thanks to a number of measures and actions adopted at both National and European levels. The European Parliament adopted a declaration on children with Down syndrome in 2012 urging the Commission, the Council and the Member States to contribute to their social inclusion though awareness-raising campaigns. The EU also promotes their inclusion in society through the European Disability Strategy but much more can and be done. Nonprofit organizations and associations in the civil society with very few resources are still doing work in this area. Therefore, this project aims at making a positive difference in the area of Down syndrome children's support.

Thus, this project aims at promoting and facilitating the social inclusion and the employability of European Down Syndrome youth citizens through Tourism and e-skills. The project also aims to foster, safeguard and promote European Cultural Heritage (via the promotion of Touristic and Artistic activities), as well as requalification in terms of cultural, audio-visual and e-Skills diversity in cross-sectorial areas.

In addition to this identified need, there is also a major concern about the needs of the participants, organisations and stakeholders towards Down syndrome:

(i) Regarding the participants, this project not only concerns about their social integration but also, for the inclusion of these citizens in the labour market or towards other employability activities;

(ii) Concerning the organisations, and since this project team will directly cooperate and collaborate with key institutions focused on intellectual disabilities citizens, it will enhance their apprenticeship in e-skills, towards a specific learning and adapted teaching/learning scenario.

(iii) As for stakeholders, particularly those who share a connection with these fields of impact (social inclusion and integration of citizens with intellectual disabilities) will be able of acquire a set of good practices through the cooperation in the project activities and methodology.

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May 23, 2018
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