Proceedings of the IV Symposium of Termitology


Abstracts must contain orignal results of scientific research involving termites. Do not submit contributions in which termites play a secondary role (such as a mere diet item of a vertebrate) or contributions consisting simply of projects, proposals, or speculative work. Do not submit mere new species records for a given locality or confirmatory work of a established scientific fact. Abstracts not associated to a full paper must not contain nomeclatural acts, as this conflicts with ICNZ norms. Abstracts must be informative rather than indicative:  formal hypotheses or at least clear objectives must be explicitly declared. Whatever the structure for your text, please present clear results and a conclusion which states how does your work modifies current knowledge.


Os resumos devem conter resultados originais de pesquisa científica. Não serão aceitos trabalhos que mencionam cupins de maneira periférica, por exemplo, registros do hábito alimentar de um vertebrado que registra cupins como parte da dieta. Não serão aceitos resumos de projetos, propostas, trabalhos especulativos sem dados, nem trabalhos não científicos. Não apresente meros registros de espécies em novas localidades nem simplesmente reafirme fatos biológicos já estabelecidos. Não inclua qualquer ato nomenclatural, pois isto fere as normas do ICZN. Resumos devem ser informativos e não indicativos: não se limite a dizer "o trabalho apresenta isso ou discute aquilo", sem apresentar um objetivo ou hipótese claros. Sugere-se para trabalhos experimentais: 2-3 linhas de introdução, 2-3 linhas de métodos e o restante com resultados e conclusões. Esta estrutura pode variar, mas é essencial apresentar resultados e uma conclusão indicando como estes resultados mudam o conhecimento vigente.

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Proceedings of the IV Symposium of Termitology

07 to 10 November 2017

Federal University of Viçosa

Viçosa MG Brazil


Please: after submission, inform us sending an email to


Here we collect the abstracts of all contributions to the IV Symposium of Termitology. The SymTermes aims to boost scientific discussion and exchange among the several research areas in Termitology, from the most fundamental Taxonomy and Systematics, through Ecology and Behaviour, to Evolution. All approaches are welcome, including classic cell biology, natural history, behavioural accounts, molecular methods, mathematical and computational solutions or any other way to unveil the termite world. We also welcome studies which, rather than being focused on solving Termitological issues themselves,  use termites as a case-studies to shed light on problems at the current frontiers of science.

Proceedings editors: Og DeSouza & Julieth Castiblanco

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Curation policy:

Visit the  IV SymTermes homepage for more detail.

English is the preferred language, but we also accept abstracts in Portuguese and Spanish. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words.

The IV SymTermes accepts no liability in regard to copyright infringement by any contributor. Authors are totally liable by the contents of their contribution including, but not restricted to, the observance to copyright laws.

There are three types of contributions:

  1. oral contributions associated to a full paper to be published in an special issue of Sociobiology. Upon acceptance in the journal, these contributions will be given a 20 min slot for a talk in the IV SymTermes.
  2. oral contributions not associated to a full paper. These contribuitions will only be given opportunity for oral presentation if there are any remaining time slots after allocating the oral presentations detailed above (item 1). In such case, a 10 min slot will be allocated per contribution.
  3. posters

All submitted contributions will be peer reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, quality of presentation, and technical quality. The authors of all accepted contributions may be asked to moderate their papers following reviewers’ comments. At this point, the Scientific Committee may recommend a candidate Oral contribution to be presented as a Poster.

June 2, 2017
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