Supplementi Zenodo Community belongs to Sanità Pubblica Veterinaria Open Access Journal - (ISSN 1592-1581) [;], a bimonthly, social peer reviewed scientific e-journal, being published regularly since 2000 by the "Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Umbria and Marche - Togo Rosati" - IZSUM (Perugia city, Italy).

The journal publishes original scientific paper and data on: veterinary research, food safety, animal welfare, medicine of domestic and wild animals, environmental quality, public health. Also, it deals with research on electronic publishing in biomedical field, computer supported collaborative writing and innovation in scientific library services. "Supplementi SPVet / Zenodo space", has the goal to store:

  • open research datasets
  • original scientific publications
  • working papers
  • technical reports and laboratory procedures
  • scientific and educational communications
  • scientific posters, wall journal, course slides and video / podcast laboratory procedures, diagnostic observations
  • images related to the research activity of IZSUM
  • software
  • project deliverables

Officially accepted manuscripts and datasets are rapidly published  online. Target readers are: researchers, food production chain technicians, health system operators, vet practitioner, political decision-makers.


Disclaimer: is an independent Open Access e-Journal run by the Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Institute of  Umbria and Marche (Italy). If you have any comment or question about data and information hosted here, please contact:  [+39(0)75343207].

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