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  • Scope: Research in AI or enabled by AI. All types of research artifacts. Content must not violate privacy or copyright, or breach confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements for data collected from human subjects.
  • Status of research data: Any status is accepted, from any stage of the research lifecycle.
  • Eligible depositors: At least one content author must have an affiliation to a university or company based in Stockholm.
  • Ownership: By uploading content, no change of ownership is implied and no property rights are transferred to Stockholm AI or Zenodo (CERN). All uploaded content remains the property of the parties prior to submission.
  • Data file formats: All formats are allowed - even preservation unfriendly.
  • Volume and size limitations: Total files size limit per record is 50GB. Higher quotas can be requested and granted on a case-by-case basis by asking Zenodo for permission.
  • Data quality: All information is provided “as-is”, and the user shall hold Stockholm AI, Zenodo and information providers supplying data to Stockholm AI and Zenodo free and harmless in connection with the use of such information.
  • Metadata types and sources: All metadata is stored internally in JSON-format according to a defined JSON schema. Metadata is exported in several standard formats such as MARCXML, Dublin Core, and DataCite Metadata Schema (according to the OpenAIRE Guidelines).
  • Language: For textual items, English is preferred but Swedish language is accepted.
  • Licenses: Users must specify a license for all publicly available files. Licenses for closed access files may be specified in the description field.
Access and Reuse
  • Access to data objects: Files needs to be deposited under open access. Files deposited under closed or embargoed access are not accepted by Stockholm AI.
  • Use and re-use of data objects: Use and re-use is subject to the license under which the data objects were deposited.
  • Metadata access and reuse: Metadata is licensed under CC0, except for email addresses. All metadata is exported via OAI-PMH and can be harvested.
  • Revocation: Content not considered to fall under the scope of the repository will be removed.
  • Withdrawal: If the uploaded research object must later be withdrawn, the reason for the withdrawal will be indicated on a tombstone page, which will henceforth be served in its place. Withdrawal is considered an exceptional action, which normally should be requested and fully justified by the original uploader. In any other circumstance reasonable attempts will be made to contact the original uploader to obtain consent. The DOI and the URL of the original object are retained.
  • Versions: Data files are versioned. Records are not versioned. The uploaded data is archived as a Submission Information Package. Derivatives of data files are generated, but original content is never modified. Records can be retracted from public view; however, the data files and record are preserved.
  • Replicas: All data files are stored in CERN Data Centres, primarily Geneva, with replicas in Budapest. Data files are kept in multiple replicas in a distributed file system, which is backed up to tape on a nightly basis.
  • Retention period: Items will be retained for the lifetime of the repository. This is currently the lifetime of the host laboratory CERN, which currently has an experimental programme defined for the next 20 years at least.
  • Functional preservation: Zenodo makes no promises of usability and understandability of deposited objects over time.
  • File preservation: Data files and metadata are backed up nightly and replicated into multiple copies in the online system.
  • Fixity and authenticity: All data files are stored along with a MD5 checksum of the file content. Files are regularly checked against their checksums to assure that file content remains constant.
  • Succession plans: In case of closure of the repository by CERN, best efforts will be made (by CERN) to integrate all content into suitable alternative institutional and/or subject based repositories.

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Stockholm AI Scientific Repository

Stockholm AI is a grassroots movement where Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiasts, professionals, researchers and students come together with the purpose of establishing Stockholm as a global player in the field of AI.

The Scientific Repository is curated as a repost journal on Artificial Intelligence research and applications, in any fields. It means that any AI-related open access content published in scientific journals or conference proceedings can be reposted here and shared with the Stockholm AI community. But not only those: Code, posters, drafts, reports, presentations, videos, datasets, books, theses & more are always more than welcome!

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In order for content to be approved, at least one author must have an affiliation with a university or company based in Stockholm. Content must be either in English or Swedish language.

Stockholm AI reserves its right to not publish or remove any content that violates the curation policy.

October 24, 2020
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