SEAFOODTOMORROW – Nutritious, safe and sustainable seafood for consumers of tomorrow

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SEAFOODTOMORROW – Nutritious, safe and sustainable seafood for consumers of tomorrow

SEAFOODTOMORROW aims to develop innovative sustainable solutions for improving the safety and dietary value of seafood in Europe. In addressing the challenges to meet a growing market need for safe and sustainable seafood, the project will generate new knowledge to develop commercially viable eco-innovative solutions for improving the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of European seafood production, and the processing industry. ​​​​​

SEAFOODTOMORROW will generate and collect diverse data outputs, including data on: 1) projected economic and environmental feasibility; 2) consumer acceptance; 3) nutritional quality and hazard assessment; 4) validation of innovative tools for the assessment of seafood safety and quality; and 5) benefit-risk assessments.

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SEAFOODTOMORROW will work to ensure that its data will be ’FAIR’, that is findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. 

SEAFOODTOMORROW has selected the ZENODO repository as its data archive of choice, based on compliance of the repository structure, and facilities and management FAIR data principles. Other online research data repositories will be considered depending on data types and formats generated and collected data, e.g. Genebank.

All SEAFOODTOMORROW data be made available via open-access online platforms (i.e. ZENODO), unless subject to protection, OR if the release of all or part of the data to open-access platforms would jeopardise the action's main objective.

Research articles will be published in peer-reviewed journals in either gold or green open access. All publications (research articles and other digital material) will be deposited on ZENODO. 

May 15, 2018
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