Internal thermal insulation of European historic buildings

This community is based on the Horizon 2020 project RIBuild (Grant No. 637268) about robust internal thermal insulation of historic buildings, presented at Data from the RIBuild project – focusing on solid walls made of brick masonry or natural stone – includes measurement data from case buildings, renovated by applying internal insulation to external walls. It also includes measurement data from laboratory test stands and outdoor test units studying the connection between an external, solid wall and a wooden beam end placed inside the wall (supporting the floor construction), a very common construction design in European historic buildings.

Additional case examples included in RIBuild focuses on the energy saving potential and LCA/LCC aspects or describes the main driving forces behind renovating the buildings. Data on the historic building stock in general are also included (number of buildings, age, energy consumption, materials involved, construction details etc.).

Further, it includes data on material properties for historic building materials and internal insulation systems (from existing databases, literature and tests performed within RIBuild), and data used to analyze a number of models, each related to a specific failure mode or failure mechanism (mould, frost, algae etc.). In addition, data used to study the hygrothermal performance of hydrophobised walls are included.

Finally, as software tool for LCA/LCC analysis, based on a probabilistic approach developed as part of RIBuild, is included.

For further information about RIBuild, refer to

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Internal thermal insulation of European historic buildings

A collection of data from case studies and laboratory test stands with internally insulated external walls (solid walls made of brick masonry or natural stone, eventually hydrophobised), material properties for historic building materials and insulation systems, data used to analyse models for failure (frost, mould growth etc.) and data on the historic European building stock. Further, the collection includes a software tool for LCA/LCC analysis based on a probabilistic approach, developed within RIBuild. For further information, refer to

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June 24, 2020
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