Conference Early Data Release and Scientific Exploitation of the J-PLUS Survey, 2-3 October 2017 (Teruel, Spain)

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Conference Early Data Release and Scientific Exploitation of the J-PLUS Survey, 2-3 October 2017 (Teruel, Spain)

The Javalambre-Photometric Local Universe Survey, J-PLUS, is an unprecedented photometric survey which will cover several thousands of square degrees of the northern sky and is currently being carried out at the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre with T80Cam on the JAST/T80 telescope. By using a set of 12 broad, intermediate, and narrow band filters, J-PLUS will be a powerful 3D view of the nearby Universe that will characterise tens of millions of galaxies and stars of the Milky Way halo, with a wide range of astrophysical applications.

So far, J-PLUS has observed more than 500 square degrees and part of this data (a few tens of square degrees with approximately 150,000 stars and 100,000 galaxies) will be made public to  international community in September 2017. For this occasion, the J-PLUS team invited all interested scientists to Teruel for a two-days meeting. The goal of the event was to present the survey to the Spanish community, describe the potential and quality of the data, and discuss scientific cases and applications.

Additionally, it is planned to open the collaboration to new members of the National community and strengthen synergies with other ongoing projects. Finally, a hands-on tutorial will take place for the attendants to access and work directly with real data on their own science case.

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September 16, 2017
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