NORMAN Suspect List Exchange

In September 2014, NORMAN members ( expressed the need to exchange various lists of substances to improve their suspect screening efforts. The NORMAN Suspect List Exchange ( was established as part of the 2015 Joint Programme of Activities as a central access point for NORMAN members (and others) to find suspect lists relevant for their environmental monitoring question. All suspect lists currently available are compiled in the main website (; this Zenodo community collection will act as the repository for the public website (being developed).

Each data collection will contain a variety of files (original contribution; some modified) with excel or comma-separated file (csv) with all available information, e.g. as provided as supporting information for the publication, along with a list of the structures as InChIKeys only, which allows suspect searching using MetFrag or other workflows. We also provide references for the data: please cite these references if you use the respective datasets. 

Recent Suspect Exchange and Dashboard presentations/publications include: ICCE Oslo 2017: NORMAN Suspects meet the Dashboard and NORMAN MassBank and Suspect Exchange; SETAC Mixtures Denver: Identifying Complex Mixtures with Cheminformatics and HR-MS; ACS Fall 2017: Markush Enumeration for UVCBs, a viewpoint article and several presentations at 

Coordination: Emma Schymanski, LCSB; Curation/RTI/toxicity: Reza Aalizadeh & Nikolaos Thomaidis, University of Athens; Nikiforos Alygizakis, Environmental Institute; CompTox: Antony Williams, US EPA; IT: Lubos Cirka, Environmental Institute; Webmaster: Natalia Glowacka, Environmental Institute; Contributors: see below.

If you have any feedback or a list that you would like to have included, please contact

There is an interactive merged list of all suspect substances (update in progress)

DISCLAIMER: The NORMAN Suspect List Exchange and NORMAN SusDat is a compilation of information provided by NORMAN network members and are “living documents” undergoing curation and improvement. NORMAN SusDat has merged many chemical lists provided to the NORMAN Suspect Exchange into a common format and includes selected identifiers and predicted values as a service for NORMAN members. We are working with contributors and cheminformatics experts to resolve many issues and update the list accordingly. The original lists on the Suspect Exchange ( should be consulted to verify chemical information if necessary (see Source column). Please report any issues to

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NORMAN Suspect List Exchange

This is a public repository (under development) for suspect lists currently available on the NORMAN Suspect List Exchange:

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This community will collect data that is relevant and public (or to be public) for the NORMAN Suspect List Exchange ( At this stage accepting upon discretion.

April 2, 2019
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