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Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration

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Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration


The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) facilitates development and operation of high-quality e-infrastructure solutions in areas of joint Nordic interest.

Alternative identifiers:

Nordic eInfrastructure Collaboration

NeIC is a suborganisation of NordForsk:





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Curation policy:

The focus of this NeIC Zenodo Community is to highlight knowledge, outcomes and results that were created as part of NeIC activities or in conjunction with them but are deemed as of interest beyond NeIC scope. In general NeIC outcomes are expected to be made openly available, and Zenodo helps in making relevant results better accessible and findable to a broader user base and potential future collaborators.

This will also improve the visibility and acknowledgement of all the author’s contribution to knowledge built-up within infrastructure.

We would like to avoid confusion between drafts and the final version of the documents or any other uploaded content. Please sync with your colleagues before uploading to produce a new version instead of a new entry.

Suggested acknowledgement sentence:

[This paper/report/book] (was produced for the [project/activity/pre-study name], that) was supported by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC), which is part of NordForsk.

If your entry is not accepted within two working days please send an email to the main curator to discuss the reason.

Otherwise general Zenodo Policies https://about.zenodo.org/policies/ apply.

Help on how to use Zenodo is found at https://wiki.neic.no/wiki/Zenodo_howto.

November 18, 2019
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