Flexible Combined Production of Power, Heat and Transport Fuels for Renewable Energy Sources

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Flexible Combined Production of Power, Heat and Transport Fuels for Renewable Energy Sources

FLEXCHX The vision is to realise a process for optimal use of the seasonal solar energy supply and available biomass resources to satisfy the seasonal demand for heat and power, and to simultaneously produce low-GHG fuels for the transport sector. Seasonal solar energy potential and the need for heat and power do not match in Northern and Central European conditions. Consequently, large investments are needed for storing solar energy from summer season to dark winter time. The widely available combined heat and power plants and heating networks should be utilized effectively also in the future energy system. In addition to these challenges, decarbonisation of the transport sector requires massive production of renewable fuels especially for the heavy duty sector.

FLEXCHX project is aiming to present a cost-effective solution to tackle these challenges of the new European energy mix. Principal ideas are:
  • A hybrid process that integrates electrolysis to biomass gasification and synthesis is developed and the key enabling technologies of this process are validated to reach TRL5.
  •  In summer season renewable fuel intermediate (FT-wax) is produced from biomass carbon boosted with solar energy driven electrolysis. A small amount of by-product heat is also produced to cover the summer-time demand for district heating. Biomass consumption is halved compared to the wintertime operation and 50% of the input energy comes from low-cost excess electricity.
  • In winter season the plant is operated without the electrolyzer in a way that biomass conversion to liquid fuel intermediate, heat and electricity is maximized.
  • Most of the invested plant components are in full use throughout the year, only the electrolysis unit is operated seasonally.
Behind FLEXCHX there is a multi-national consortium composed of RTD organizations, industry and SMEs representing the entire value chain. The RTD partners have excellent synergistic competences, while the industrial partners represent lead industries covering the complete value chain from biomass gasification, gas cleaning and fuel synthesis component and plant manufacturers to service providers and end-users. Duration: March 2018 - April 2021, 38 months Type of action: Research and innovation Topic: Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling Webpage: www.flexchx.eu

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 763919.

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Papers and data related to the FLEXCHX project, funded under EU H2020 Grant Agreement No 763919

March 31, 2021
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