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Evolutionary Game Theory and Population Dynamics: From Theory to Applications

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Evolutionary Game Theory and Population Dynamics: From Theory to Applications

EvoGamesPlus EvoGamesPlus (Evolutionary Game Theory and Population Dynamics: From Theory to Applications) Innovative Training Network will focus on the development of realistic evolutionary game-theoretic models of real-world populations, using a mixture of mathematical modelling, biological knowledge and expertise in computing and the analysis of data.

We will train 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) in these skills, with a training plan to give them the required expertise in the relevant areas, and their combination. We will pursue four research themes, two developing methodologies and two focused on applications.

The first concerns the modelling of structured populations, incorporating more realistic spatial and social interactions. The second considers important out of equilibrium dynamical concepts, often neglected in favour of equilibria. The third focuses on the mathematical modelling of cancer and its treatment. Here the two above concepts are especially important. The fourth considers ecological and epidemiological modelling where the focus is on structural complexity relating to the interplay of different timescales and the management and analysis of epidemiological data. Whilst specialising, all ESRs will gain knowledge of all of these important themes.

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November 25, 2021
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