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Ecopotential: the legacy

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Ecopotential: the legacy

ECOPOTENTIAL (http://www.ecopotential-project.eu/) is a large European-funded H2020 project that focuses its activities on a targeted set of internationally recognised Protected Areas, blending Earth Observations from remote sensing and field measurements, data analysis and modelling of current and future ecosystem conditions and services. ECOPOTENTIAL considers cross-scale geosphere-biosphere interactions at regional to continental scales, addressing long-term and large-scale environmental and ecological challenges. 

Curated by:
Curation policy:

The community is meant to collect all final products of Ecopotential project. Input used to produce final products should not be included if archived elsewhere. In such a case, only the references  (DOi, URL, accession number and reference to the DB) to the input should be included.  

Each final product should come with the XML inspire metadata. Further data curator should add all minimal zenodo metadata information plus the link to the Ecopotential project in the field of the funder and add a minimal set of keywords:

  1. Protected Area (PA) of interest
  2. PA type of ecosystem  (i.e. mountains, coastal/marine, arid/semiarid)
  3. the level 1 folder name within the project repository that clarify the type of variables described in the products (i.e. EO_Biophysical,  EO_Classifications, EO_Data,Habitat_map, In situ data, Knowledge, LandCover, Shapefiles

Submitter are encouraged to add as further keywords as they think fit.

Here suggested list :

Surface Soil Moisture
Spectral Soil Quality Index (SSQI)
Surface Albedo
Land Surface Temperature (LST)
Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Bare Ground circa 2010
Land cover/land use
Land Cover Change (LCC)
Corine Land Cover
Habitat Mapping
Normalized Burn Ratio
Leaf area index (LAI)
Above ground biomass (AGB)
Landscape (e.g. Fragmentation)
Forest biomass (shrub)
Tree Biomass
Forest disturbances (annual)
Herbaceous biomass
Gross Primary Production (GPP)
Vegetation wetness (Vegetation water content (VWC) or Equivalent Water Thickness (EWT), NDWI, Tasseled Cap); NDMI
Vegetation height and structure (e.g. Canopy Height Models (CHM))
Phenology (start and end of the season, length of the season)
Fire ocurrence
Normalized Burn Ratio
Tree cover density
Herbaceous / grass nutrients (leaf N)
Vegetaton composition (annual vs. woody veg. Genus or family)
Woody vegetation biomass and cover --> FROM LAND COVER
Vegetation classification (Classes: Dead spruce, alive spruce, beech, grasses)
Water bodies delineation (coverage)
Water turbidity (inland waters)
Hydroperiod (seasonal water bodies)
Snow cover maps (area+snow status wet/dry)
Snow cover (snow cover maps, duration maps)
Instant snow cover maps
Mapping submerged macrophytes
Shoreline change detection
Bathymetry (marshes, inland waters)
Sea Surface Temperature
Sea surface Wind Speed and Direction
Marine oil spill detection and characterization
Significant wave height (Sea Level - copernicus? - Some measure of Signifigant wave height would be better)
Ocean Colour
Sea ice thickness
Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)
Chlorophyll-a Concentration
March 29, 2019
Harvesting API:
OAI-PMH Interface

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