Digressions: Amsterdam Journal of Critical Theory, Cultural Analysis, and Creative Writing

Volume 4, Issue 2 (2020)

  • Lesley Verbeek, “Neoliberal Eugenics in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse (2009-2010)”
  • Shae Kangas, “Temporal Transportation in the Anthropocene Novel”
  • Alvaro Lopez, “Monsters, Freaks, and an American Horror Story: Life and Embodiment at the Borders of Normative Intelligibility”
  • Michael Kardolus, “Daddy Issues: On the Representation of Family Ties in Contemporary Gay Porn”
  • Gabriel Geiger, “Notes from a Kink Club”


Volume 4, Issue 1 (2020): Comics Studies

  • Malin Stricker, “The Human Touch”
  • Markéta Hrehorová, “Opráski sĨeskí historje: Contesting National Narratives through Comics”
  • Camilla Prytz and Jasmine Palmer, “Comprehending Colour: An Approach to Reading and Understanding Colour in Comics”
  • Vasiliki Belia, “‘The Moment When a Feeling Enters the Body:’” On the Politics of Drawing, Writing, and Roof Walking”
  • Angelo Zinna, “Priorities”
  • Marjolein van Tooren, “Introducing a New ‘Genre’ in Literary Education: The ‘Graphic Novel’ in the Classroom”
  • Nicholas Burman and Angelo Zinna, “Amsterdam Comics Conference, ‘Drawing Yourself In and Out of It,’ 15-17 November 2018”
  • John Miers, “Amsterdam Comics”
  • Angelo Zinna and Nicholas Burman, “Comics as Graphic Medicine: An Interview with Viivi Rintanen”


Volume 3, Issue 2 (2019): The “Failing” Body

  • Jules Sturm, “Ways of Failing”
  • Andries Hiskes, “The Affective Affordances of Disability”
  • Ke Ma, “The Politics of Beauty, Sexuality, and Disability in Blind Massage
  • Nadia van Vuuren, “A Plea for the Beauty of Banality: An Encounter between a Humanized Object and an Objectified Human”
  • Lucie Berjoan, “Little Monsters”
  • Rosie Haward, “Around the Edges”
  • Angelo Custódio, “The Creature in the Crack (continued)”
  • Marthe van Bronkhorst, “Enigma”


Volume 3, Issue 1 (2018)

  • Kim Schoof, “A Profound Experience of Democracy: Reconsidering the Democratic Potential of John Dewey's Theory of Art while Reading Ben Lerner's Leaving the Atocha Station
  • Areesha Banglani, “Good Alien/Bad Alien: Transformers, Trump, and Immigrants”
  • Fleur van der Laan, “A Dance of Multiple Identities: Zadie Smith's Swing Time
  • Tom Ruben, “Poems on a Monday”
  • Angelo Custódio, “The Creature in the Crack”


Volume 2, Issue 2 (2017)

  • Amber Witsenburg, “‘You Freud, Me Jane?’ The Representation of Trauma and Asexuality in Hitchcock’s Marnie
  • Johanna Catharina ‘t Hart, “‘Jesus Fucking Christ! It’s a Goddamn Muslim!’: Orgies of Feeling at Work in Amy Waldman’s The Submission
  • Annelot Prins, “Who Run the World? Feminism and Commodification in Beyoncé’s Star Text”
  • Hélène Maes, “‘With What Do We Rise Up?’”
  • Renée Jansen, “The Undoing, a Step by Step Process”


Volume 2, Issue 1 (2016)

  • Naadira Patel, “Perceiving Imagined Enemies in Harun Farocki’s Serious Games I-IV
  • Sjoerd Bollebakker and Helen Piel, “Towards a Robotic Dystopia? Replacing Animal Companions with Technology in Science and Fiction”
  • Tim Scheffe, “The Camera Captures You as You Fall: An Analysis of Carol Ann Duffy's Poem on The Falling Soldier
  • Tjalling Valdés Olmos, “A Posthuman ‘No Humans Involved’: Eric Garner, the Dehumanisation of Black Subjects, and Thinking Towards Ethics of Relationality”
  • Tim Reus, “The Last Human Station”
  • Elise van der Linde, “A Return to the Womb”
  • Elise van der Linde, “The Eyes of the Island”


Volume 1, Issue 2 (2016)

  • Rob Shepherd, “Remembering the Cold War: Don DeLillo’s Underworld and Lieux de Mémoire”
  • Lieke Hettinga, “Encountering Unruly Bodies: Posthuman and Disabled Bodies in Under the Skin
  • Kyle Fageol, “How to Hang a Song on a Wall: Experiencing Björk’s Black Lake Installation”
  • Amber Witsenburg, “The Dangers of Soft Power: A Review of the The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness Conference”
  • Marthe van Bronkhorst, “Two Poems”
  • Angie van Ek, “The Finale”


Volume 1, Issue 1 (2015): The Undead

  • Rob Shepherd, “Editorial”
  • Simon van der Weele, “A Becoming Failure: Deathly Encounters in Peng Yu's Human Oil
  • Steven Vrouwenvelder, “Haunted Pancakes”
  • Zowi Vermeire, “From a Ten Hour Clock to a ‘Primitive’ Robot: Metropolis as a Temporal Critique”

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Digressions: Amsterdam Journal of Critical Theory, Cultural Analysis, and Creative Writing

Digressions: Amsterdam Journal of Critical Theory, Cultural Analysis, and Creative Writing is a student-edited academic journal based at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We publish articles on critical theory and cultural analysis; reviews of books, films, and art exhibitions; and creative writing. This way, we aim to provide a platform for talented master’s, research master’s, and Ph.D. students as well as recent graduates to share their research and writing.

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