H2020 - CYRENE Project - Certifying the Security and Resilience of Supply Chain Services

H2020 - CYRENE Project - Certifying the Security and Resilience of Supply Chain Services

Global Supply Chains are a way of life for modern business, becoming more complex and integrated. The organizations that operate within the Supply Chains have become smarter and are not only heavily dependent on Information and Communication Technologies but are also interconnected for exchanging and sharing large amounts of data. Moreover, there is still no easy, structured, standardized and trusted way to forecast, prevent and manage interrelated and propagated cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats, in a way that takes into account the heterogeneity and complexity of today’s Supply Chains. Therefore, there is a pressing need for devising methodologies, techniques and tools for the efficient evaluation and handling of security threats and vulnerabilities supporting all involved infrastructures for the provision of critical Supply Chain services. CYRENE comes to fill this gap for devising such methodologies, techniques and tools.

CYRENE's mission is to lay the foundation for the implementation of the EU cybersecurity Certification Framework by:

  • supporting organisations to increase their preparedness
  • enabling them to analyse relevant privacy concerns.
  • advancing ways to report and handle security incidents
  • adopting appropriate steps to manage security risks and
  • improving their cooperation with each other.

CYRENE's objectives include:

- The creation of tailored and risk-based security and privacy certification schemes for trusted supply chains of ICT systems.
- The development of a novel dynamic cybersecurity and privacy conformity process that will support different types of conformity assessments.
- The development of a collaborative, multi-level evidence-driven Supply Chain Risk and Privacy Assessment Approach.
- The specification of models and simulation services to dynamically forecast, detect and prevent supply chain cyber security and privacy risks and define clear mitigation strategies
- The validation of the CYRENE solution through its application to real life SC services.
- The development of a set of best practices for cybersecurity and privacy conformity assessment for Supply Chain infrastructures (Best Practices and Standards Enhancements).
- The strengthening of EU’ cybersecurity capacity and tackle future cyber security challenges.