ORChESTRA (Online Repository of ChETEC Stellar TRAjectories)

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ORChESTRA (Online Repository of ChETEC Stellar TRAjectories)

From 2021-2025, ChETEC-INFRA provides free access to infrastructures to researchers from any country, with proposals selected based on scientific excellence only. In addition, dedicated work packages (WP) improve the usability and accessibility of the several types of infrastructures and network them with each other, with the nuclear astrophysics community, and with other scientific disciplines.

ORChESTRA (Online Repository of ChETEC Stellar TRAjectories) is developed and maintained as a free open-source platform under ChETEC-INFRA. The aim of ORChESTRA is to publish regularly a fully documented library of certified trajectories, covering a wide range of stellar conditions for nuclear astrophysics simulations. Trajectories with initial conditions, origin and relevant information will be fully available. The required data to upload a trajectory are: 1) initial isotopic abundances, 2) evolution of time, temperature and density; 3) final isotopic abundances; 4) main description of the trajectory source; 5) description for a safe use of the trajectory, i.e., what studies can be done accurately using the data provided.

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March 24, 2022
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