Mission and Objectives

car2TERA will focus on sub-THz, large bandwidth technologies for advanced in-cabin sensor systems, sensor fusion and high-speed data links. Most importantly, the project will combine the results of recent achievements:

(1) monolithic-microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) using 600-GHz-fmax SiGe and graphene technology 

(2) silicon micromachining for system integration, packaging and phased-array antenna front-end

(3) integrated MEMS re-configurability and

(4) large bandwidth, high-linearity graphene MMICs

(5) advanced signal processing including OFDM radar signals and AI sensor fusion. Moreover, car2TERA will focus on the following objectives:

  • Novel car radar sensor concept
  • Novel THz- over plastic data links
  • Strengthen and reinforce Europe's leading position in automotive radar sensors
  • Silicon-Micro machined THz system platform technology
  • Cost-effective, broadband, multi-usage SiGe monolithic-microwave integrated circuits (MIMICs).

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car2TERA will develop emerging sub-THz (150-330 GHz) smart electronic systems based on latest semiconductor, microsystem and nanoelectronics technologies, and implement Technology Readiness Level - 4 demonstrators in two high-potential application scenarios: a new class of -steering short-range car radar sensors and short-distance, high data-rate THz-over-plastic data links for radio-access and backbone networks facilitating the data growth demanded by future Internet of Things.

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February 26, 2019
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