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International Aircraft Cabin Air Conferences - Proceedings

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Aim of this Zenodo-Community is to present and archive the individual papers of the "International Aircraft Cabin Air Conferences".

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Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE), 2019. Proceedings of the International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference 2017. Journal of Health and Pollution, Vol. 9, No. 24 (Dec. 2019). - URL:


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The International Aircraft Cabin Air Conferences are developing into a series of conferences organized every two years. Each of these conferences is a two-day event. The conferences are mapping the business, regulatory and technical solutions to aircraft cabin air contamination.

The conferences provide networking opportunities for those seeking to understand the subject of contaminated air, the flight safety implications, the latest scientific and medical evidence investigating the contaminated air debate and the solutions available to airlines and aircraft operators.

Following on from the conference in 2017, a second conference was held in 2019.

The two conferences held so far have been the most in-depth conferences ever on the topic of aircraft cabin air contamination.

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Curator: Dieter Scholz ( This community is reserved for contributions to one of the International Aircraft Cabin Air Conferences.

It is the author's responsibility to meet all coyright requirements with respect to their papers contained in this community.

Authors who presented at the International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference agreed to an online distribution of their presentation and any accompanying material. The individual papers are stored here based their CC BY license as given with the proceedings.

By having presented at the International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference authors furthermore, warranted that their presentation, handouts, and related materials are factually accurate and contain no matter libelous or otherwise unlawful. Authors further warranted that such presentation, handouts, and related materials are either:

  1. their own original work or,
  2. available for use without permission because they are in a public domain, or
  3. when materials utilized in the presentation are not their own original work or in a public domain, they are either a) presented with the permission of the originator/owner of the material, or b) are believed to be within the “fair use” exemption of copyright law which includes use for purposes of criticism, news reporting, commentary, teaching, and research.

As such, it is the author's responsibility to ensure that the rights of any third parties, such as clients or employers, to any material used in their presentation, have been respected.

December 6, 2019
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