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Presentations, material and discussions about the Italian XII Conference on Active Galactic Nuclei:    

Curated by: maurizioplll

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering community supports developments from all branches of agricultural engineering. Farm Machinery, Farm Tractors, Food Engineering, Postharvest Engineering, Soil and water engineering, computer application in agriculture, remote...

Curated by: dipankar_age

Agriprima, Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences

Agriprima, Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences adalah Jurnal Ilmu Pertanian Terapan yang menjadi sarana bagi peneliti untuk mempublikasikan hasil penelitiannya dalam lingkup pemuliaan tanaman, bioteknologi tanaman, teknologi benih, perlindungan...

Curated by: Afif0708

AG Univerlage (Working Group of University Presses)

The Working Group of German speaking University Presses from Europe is a group of institutional scholarly presses that aim to disseminate their publications as user-friendly and as freely as possible. Open Access therefore is a strong topic in the...

Curated by: Margo Bargheer


Curated by: Sabrina.elyacoubi

Akademia Ignatianum w Krakowie

Curated by: R.Janusz

ALAMSA project

The collection of main results and publications on FP7 funded project ALAMSA.

Curated by: igor

ALFA - Advanced Low Flying Aircrafts Detection and Tracking

Protecting European borders against drug trafficking is crucial, which is currently aggravated by the increasing use of small aircraft that allows for almost undetected border crossings, especially coastal borders. Therefore, a system is needed that...

Curated by: ALFA_H2020

Algerian Journal of Natural Products

ALGERIAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS (E-ISSN: 2353-0391) , ( ) is an open access journal, free of charges, published three times a year by the Laboratory of Organic Materials (LOM), Faculty of Technology, University of...

Curated by: ajnp


Curated by: ecuervo2

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