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Software Engineering Group - Kiel University

Our research gorup aims for reusability and repeatability of experiments and open access of research data and code. We produce a wide range of software artefacts, observation data and analysis results of both. To be able to archive them long time, we...

Curated by: reinerj

Software Engineering Thesis Collection

Software Engineering Thesis Collection This community aims to bring together Software Engineering theses and dissertations. Those theses are usually only available in the online libraries of the awarding universities and often they are hard to find....

Curated by: SoftEngCurator

Software for evaluating PET cardiac perfusion imaging uncertainties for more accurate diagnosis (TracPETperf)

This collection provides datasets related to PET cardiac perfusion imaging measurements carried out on a phantom (test object) and associated data from processing and analyzing the images.  The community belongs to the EMPIR project "Software for...

Curated by: NadiaSmith

Software Sustainability

This community focuses on topics associated with sustaining software, it has a specific focus on the software sustainability of research software but it not limited to research matters. Software Sustainability as a topic includes but is not limited to...

Curated by: SoftwareSaved

SOH Evaluation Unit

Curated by: skwon

Soil biodiversity enhancement in European agroecosystems to promote their stability and resilience by external inputs reduction and crop performance increase – SoildiverAgro

With the long-term view of fostering synergies between crop production, biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services of local, regional and global relevance, the main objective of SoildiverAgro is the adoption of new management practices and...

Curated by: DavidFernandezCalvino

Soil care for profitable and sustainable crop production in Europe

European crop production is to remain competitive while reducing environmental impacts, requiring development and uptake of effective soil-improving cropping systems. The overall aim of Soilcare is to identify and evaluate promising soil...

Curated by: sje

Soil Survey of Scotland

The Soil Survey of Scotland (formerly part of the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research and now James Hutton Institute) produced a series of soil maps between 1947 and 1987. These maps have been digitised and form the basis of a number of derived...

Curated by: SoilSurveyScotland

SolACE - Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use

SolACE - "Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use" - is funded under Horizon 2020 (Grant agreement 727247). The goal of SolACE  - Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and...

Curated by: hw-fibl

Solar Energy for a Circular Economy

The European Project SUNRISE, “Solar energy for a circular economy”, was selected as one of the six Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) within the Horizon 2020 programme. Funded with €1M, for one year (started in March 2019), setting the basis for...

Curated by: llopez113

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