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Research Software Studies

This community curates studies and datasets which focus on understanding the use of research software (aka scientific software). This may include surveys of the uptake or usage of research software; data on impacting factors such as training,...

Curated by: SoftwareSaved

Research Squirrel Engineers

The Research Squirrel Engineers are a collection of private research projects focusing on Linked Open Data, Geoinformatics and Cultural Heritage. The Research Squirrel Engineers are a open group of researchers related to Research Software...

Curated by: fthiery

Research Tools Box By: Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim

This Topic is designed to assist students to aim at reducing the search time by increasing their knowledge to more effectively use the "Research Tools" which is available through the Net. Created by Nader Ale Ebrahim

Curated by: Nader Ale Ebrahim

Research Unit on Everyday Bioethics and Ethics of Science - L'Altro Diritto University of Florence

Curated by: carlobotrugno

ReSensE - Reversed-polarity III-nitride Sensors for Enhanced UV-detection

Smart, enhanced detection of ultraviolet (UV) radiation will be a key enabling technology for many forthcoming technological revolutions in fields such as industrial processing, space research, defence and medicine. AlGaN alloys with high Al content...

Curated by: ppampili

Resep Arem - Arem Daging Ayam

Sekilas memang mirip dengan lemper, walaupun keduanya ditemukan santapan yang berbeda. Jika lemper dibuat dari bahan beras ketan putih serta teksturnya yang sedikit lengket dengan isian ayam ataupun abon.

Curated by: blonggerspesialist

Residual streamer structure versus space stem formation: distinct origins of the intermittent propagation in positive and negative leaders

The data supports the manuscript entitled “Residual streamer structure versus space stem formation: distinct origins of the intermittent propagation in positive and negative leaders”, and these files can be opened by MATLAB. The data can be...

Curated by: ZongxiangLee

RESILIENCE - Religious Studies Infrastructure: Tools, Experts, Connections and Centers

Curated by: RESILIENCE

Resilient Information Systems Security Group

Research data used by the  Resilient Information Systems Security Group  

Curated by: eclupu

RESISTIRÉ - RESpondIng to outbreaks through co-creaTIve sustainable inclusive equality stRatEgie

The aim of RESISTIRÉ is to 1) understand the impact of COVID-19 policy responses on behavioural, social and economic inequalities in the EU27, Serbia, Turkey, Iceland, and the UK on the basis of a conceptual gender+ framework, and 2) design, devise...

Curated by: ESF

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