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1916 Central Asia

Community for archiving materials for the study of the 1916 uprisings, genocide and exodus in Central Asia.

Curated by: NatLit

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Curated by: juliosr

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Curated by: boniadi

19-Plasmas Froids Interactions

Ouvrage  Plasmas Froids: Interactions PlasmaSurface, Modèles, Diagnostics et Procédés édité en 2011 : ISBN 978-2918701057 Directeurs de publication : Marcos Grégory, Clergereaux Richard Directeur de collection et Editeur: Mottin Stéphane

Curated by: mottin

1st Annual Data Symposium - Enabling Data Reproducibility and Sustainability

There is a growing need for faculty, students, and staff to address data challenges affecting all disciplines in the form of organization, infrastructure, and resources. In continued efforts to build library and researcher partnerships, capacity, and...

Curated by: plato

2017 ESO Calibration Workshop: the second generation VLT instruments and friends

With the 2017 ESO Calibration Workshop we intend to bring together astronomers and instrument scientists from various fields of expertise to share their experience, engage in open discussion, challenge current limitations and try to develop creative...

Curated by: ESO Library

2017 Frank N. Bash Symposium - New Horizons in Astronomy

Curated by: clhung

2018 Conference on Galactic Rings: Signposts of Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies - Tuscaloosa, AL

Ring or ring-like patterns are found in up to 50% of normal disk galaxies. These features occur in three basic types: nuclear, inner, and outer rings, each with their own unique attributes. Rings exhibit a wide variety of star formation histories,...

Curated by: galacticrings

20-La mécanique et la pression

Ouvrage  La mécanique et la pression dans tous leurs états édité en 2011 : ISBN 978-2918701088 Directeurs de publication : Jeantet Philippe, Canton Bernard,Capoani Lionel Directeur de collection et Editeur: Mottin Stéphane

Curated by: mottin

21-Systèmes femto Optique

Ouvrage  Systèmes femtoseconde, Optique et phénomènes ultrarapides édité en 2012 : ISBN 978-2918701064 Directeurs de publication : Gilliot Pierre, et al Directeur de collection et Editeur: Mottin Stéphane

Curated by: mottin

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