Communities created and curated by Zenodo users

Wikipedia-related research

Resources related to research of Wikipedia in its different language editions.  Also consider the community "Wikimedia" for a broader spectrum. 

Curated by: faflo

Wildfire Data Exchange Community

Curated by: cvitolo

Wilkinson Laboratory for Biomedical Informatics

A place for our data and workflow deposits.

Curated by: markwilkinson

William Gilks

A community for zenodo projects that I've created. My personal web-site is currently at

Curated by: William_Gilks


A project that seeks to  Improve Weather Information, management in East Africa for effective service provision through the application of suitable ICTs

Curated by: wimea-ict

Wind Energy

Gather all the publications that concerns wind energy. All knowledge types are encouraged. We encourage you to group your related publications into well described repositories, so that your research is easily forked and reproduced by others. Articles...

Curated by: piredtu

window film suppliers

Window film is a thin film that introduced to the inside or outside of glasses classes in home and bulding. Window film is a plastic film which can be connected to glass windows to lessen warm transfer.There are two sorts in like manner utilize...

Curated by: rowling

Wire-driven parallel robots

Community that is interested in the study, analysis and applications of wire-driven parallel robots (known also as cable robots)

Curated by: jpm

Working Papers on Geography Education

geodu's working paper series on geography education curated by the geographical education lab at Frankfurt University and the geographical education lab and the environmental informatics lab at Marburg University, Germany.

Curated by: WPGE

World Academy of Engineering and Technology

Curated by: waet

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