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STARDUST - The Asteroid and Space Debris Network (FP7 Marie-Curie Action: "Initial Training Networks", Grant Agreement 317185, from 2013-02-01 to 2017-01-31) Asteroids and space debris represent a significant hazard for space and terrestrial assets;...

Curated by: pcastrom1

Star Formation from Cores to Clusters

We aim to bring together astronomers who are pursuing a variety of strategies to contribute in answering the question: “What constitutes a prototypical low-mass star forming region from core to cluster scales?” This question refers specifically to the...

Curated by: ESO Library

State of the Environment Reporting

State of the environment reports, data and indicators national, regionala and global levels.

Curated by: jacquiemcglade


Open Science and Open Research My ORCID Identifier: A list of my articles (and book sections) uploaded to Zenodo with many metadata. Une liste de mes articles et des chapitres de Livres téléchargés vers Zenodo avec...

Curated by: mottin

Stockholm University, Faculty of Law

A forum for datasets published by researchers associated with the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University.

Curated by: jslove

Stockholm University Library

For datasets from individual researchers or research groups affiliated with Stockholm University, who do not want set up a separate community on Zenodo for a project or institution. Metadata provisions customized and curation help on request to...

Curated by: JoakimPhilipson

STORM: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management

Starting from previous research experiences and tangible outcomes, STORM proposes a set of novel predictive models and improved non-invasive and non-destructive methods of survey and diagnosis, for effective prediction of environmental changes and for...

Curated by: konar1979

Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa

Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa is a conference held on the island of Madeira at its Interactive Technologies Institute. More information may be found at

Curated by: csik

STRIDE - Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education Center

The STRIDE Center is a U.S. Department of Transportation grant-funded regional (Southeast) University Transportation Center that focuses on reducing congestion. It is a consortium comprised of nine university partners in the region, representing a...

Curated by: plato

Structural Genomics Consortium - Diamond Light Source I04-1 XChem Fragment screening by X-ray crystallography

Fragment-based screening is now well-established as a powerful approach to early drug, or ‘lead’, discovery. The principle is to identify weakly-binding compounds (‘fragments’) by screening a limited library of compounds, with resulting hits serving...

Curated by: SGC-DLS-XCHEM-I04-1-FS

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