Communities created and curated by Zenodo users

UTSW Strand Lab

Curated by: ghenry

Dreams4cars Horizon 2020 project

Curated by: mauro-dalio

Circular Health

Curated by: albertodm

CEIS 20 Digital Humanities Group

The Group of Digital Humanities reflects on how the Humanities and Social Sciences dialogue with digital technology, or on how do they appropriate digital technology for new productions of meaning. The Group currently gathers researchers with...

Curated by: mmborges

Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA)

Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA) is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (2016 to 2020). SIMRA seeks to advance understanding of social innovation and innovative governance in...

Curated by: DavidMiller

ImAc: Immersive Accessibility (761974)

Advances in technology have led to the availability of consumer Head Mounted Displays and the availability of 360°cameras for capturing immersive content. This has enabled broadcasters to explore new experiences, where narrative and content can be...

Curated by: PMO_i2CAT

Datasets created and shared by Jain Lab

These are datasets created and shared by Jain Lab. Our research involves eye tracking viewers on images, videos, webpages, and other naturalistic stimuli. Visit us at

Curated by: ejain

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Curated by: pasartaruhanbolamalaminicom

VRTogether: An end-to-end system for the production and delivery of photorealistic social immersive virtual reality experiences (762111)

VR-Together will offer new ground-breaking virtual reality experiences based on social photorealistic immersive content. For this purpose, it will develop and assemble an end-to-end pipeline integrating state-of-the-art technologies and off-the-shelf...

Curated by: PMO_i2CAT


Curated by: AnnetteMWilson

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