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Ground-based thermal infrared astronomy – past, present and future

On-line Workshop, October 12 - 16, 2020 Ground-based astronomical observations in the thermal IR wavelength regime (3-30 micron) provide a powerful tool to discover and characterise the most obscured sources in the Universe. Thermal IR instruments...

Curated by: ESOLibrary

Vineyard Innovative Tool based on the Integration of Earth Observation Services and in-field sensors

The main scope of the project is to empower the potential of EO Systems by creating an innovative commercial information delivery to optimize sustainable vine cultivation via decision support systems (DSS) on phenology, irrigation, fertilizer, disease...

Curated by: Rosa_Eurecat123

Online Stats Training

Free, open source, stats training available at my website:

Curated by: Rens_van_de_Schoot

Educación Física Española Sociedad Científica

English/Inglés The Association "Educación Física Española Sociedad Científica", constituted in 2008, is a scientific society, without profit motive, that has the following aims To encourage research and communication between researchers from different...

Curated by: Fernandez-Revelles

Planets 2020, Ground and Space Observatories: a Joint Venture to Planetary Science.

Workshop held at ESO Santiago (Chile). March 2 - 6, 2020 Exploration of the Solar system and subsequent discoveries are made with planetary missions and ground-based observatories. These two means are complementary from each other, and even sometimes...

Curated by: ESOLibrary

InterAgency Institute

The InterAgency Institute is a think tank dedicated to the studies and advocacy involving interagency and cooperative challenges in Global Politics.  InterAgency.Institute    

Curated by: InterAgencyInstitute

Galaxy Formation and Evolution in the Era of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

Collection of oral and poster presentations from the Roman2020 virtual conference on "Galaxy Formation and Evolution in the Era of the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope", hosted by the Space Telescope Science Institute 5-9 October 2020. Transcripts from...

Curated by: deustua

The Very Large Telescope in 2030

June 17 - 20, 2019 at ESO Garching, Germany The VLT provides a powerful suite of visible and infrared instruments, including unique capabilities like coherent and incoherent combinations of the four 8m Unit Telescopes and a multi-laser guided adaptive...

Curated by: ESOLibrary

How do we get into Wikipedia?

Curated by: melissawood

University of Potsdam - Research Data & Open Science

This collection contains documents and presentations on good research data management and Open Science practice at the University of Potsdam.

Curated by: BorisJacob

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