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A community to share open source software tools for neuroinformatics with tests and documentation.

Curated by: iraikov


COSMOLOCALISM aims to document, analyze, test, evaluate, and create awareness of an emerging mode of production, based on the confluence of the digital commons (e.g., open knowledge and design) with local manufacturing and automation...

Curated by: pazlex

Conferência Luso-Brasileira de Ciência Aberta

ConfOA | Conferência Luso-Brasileira de Ciência Aberta Esta coleção destina-se ao depósito dos trabalhos apresentados nas várias edições da ConfOA.

Curated by: confoa

EISCAT Scientific Association

Curated by: ingemar

Next Generation Emergency Services - H2020 Action

Curated by: marcomanso

Tokat Journal of Ilmiyat (ISSN 2717-6134 e-ISSN 2727-610X)

Curated by: kubat_ali

Implementing Machine Ethics

An inter-disciplinary community that discusses how intelligence, agency, and ethics in machines will affect society. Is the expectation of ethical behaviour an all-or-nothing proposition? What are the legal consequences of unethical behaviour by a...

Curated by: viveknallur

5G-Crosshaul. The integrated fronthaul/backhaul

The 5G-Crosshaul project aims at developing a 5G integrated backhaul and fronthaul transport network enabling a flexible and software-defined reconfiguration of all networking elements in a multi-tenant and service-oriented unified management...

Curated by: mgiunta

Top Seven Common Prejudices About Weight Loss Products

That has been furnished with Keto Strong. There are a jillion bad Keto Strong tips out there. The decline of Keto Strong popularity has been attributed to the rise of Keto Strong. You know, "Walls have ears." I, movingly, must know a lot in connection...

Curated by: Dianerivera

Conceptual Structural Design Group, NTNU

The Conceptual Structural Design Group at NTNU explores the platform between structural engineering and architectural design. Conceptual structural design is about structural design aiming for more than solely carrying loads; it is about taking loads...

Curated by: nilsron

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