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SIDDHAṂ traductions

Traductions d'inscriptions d’Asie du Sud, éditées dans SIDDHAṂ : The South Asia Inscriptions Database (disponible via   Translations of Asian inscriptions compiled in support of SIDDHAṂ: The South Asia Inscriptions Database (see:...

Curated by: EpigraphicCoordinator

Algerian Journal of Natural Products

ALGERIAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS (E-ISSN: 2353-0391) , ( ) is an open access journal, free of charges, published three times a year by the Laboratory of Organic Materials (LOM), Faculty of Technology, University of...

Curated by: ajnp

Christian Arabic Studies

Curated by: AlexandreRoberts

Linguistic Atlas Projects

We offer information about English as it is spoken in the United States. Most of the projects included in the Linguistic Atlas Projects present the results of survey research carried out between 1930 and 1980; some are more recent.    

Curated by: jhtidwell

Idrologia Trento 2017

This contains the assignments of the student of the class of Hydrology 2017 of Trento University, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile Ambientale e Meccanica.

Curated by: riccardoRigon

HORSE H2020 Project

HORSE aims to bring a leap forward in the manufacturing industry proposing a new flexible model of smart factory involving collaboration of humans, robots, AGV’s (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) and machinery to realize industrial tasks in an efficient...

Curated by: pmpoukli

Gramática Formal

Es proyecto busca convocar a investigadores interesados en cualquier componente de la gramática o las interfaces gramaticales del español o de cualquier otra lengua de América Latina, incluidas las lenguas de señas.

Curated by: MiguelMRM

CREATIONS: Developing an Engaging Science Classroom

The CREATIONS scheme, a European project with 16 Partners, involves science teachers and classroom students in inquiry-based initiatives by linking schools and research infrastructures in order to spark young people’s interest in science and in...

Curated by: juliahuebnerubt

Graeco-Arabic Studies

Curated by: AlexandreRoberts

World Corpus of Amarāvatī Sculpture

The stūpa at Amarāvatī is one the most celebrated Buddhist monuments in India. Flourishing between c. 200 BCE and 250 CE, it was one of the important Buddhist places in the Andhra region until it was finally abandoned in the 14th century. Numerous...

Curated by: Shimada

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