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Qatar Open Access

Community for sharing information related to open access in Qatar. Established for OA Week 2017.

Curated by: skreilly

Materials Design Group - Imperial College London

Research data and outputs from the research group led by Professor Aron Walsh in the Department of Materials, Imperial College London (UK)

Curated by: aronwalsh


PrECISE aims to improve patient risk-stratification and treatment in prostate cancer by developing new computational approaches to exploit next generation molecular data. The expected outcome is the development of a predictive computational technology...

Curated by: H2020_PrECISE


The iSCAPE project works on integrating and advancing the control of air quality and carbon emissions in European cities in the context of climate change through the development of sustainable and passive air pollution remediation strategies, policy...

Curated by: pral2a

CNR-ISOF Nanochemistry

Curated by: nanochem_1

African Minds Publishing

A collection of open access books and book chapters published by African Minds. African Minds is an open access, not-for-profit publisher. African Minds publishes predominantly in the social sciences and its authors are typically African academics or...

Curated by: African_Minds

Telematic Services Engineering Research Group UAH

Repository of the Telematic Services Engineering Research Group of The University of Alcala.

Curated by: ivmarsauah

obat turun berok tanpa operasi

Obat turun berok tanpa operasi - obat herbal alami terlengkap dan terpercaya Melayani pengiriman barang ke selauruh wilayah indonesia dengan sistem KIRIM BARANG DULU - BAYAR SETELAH BARANG SAMPAI dan 100% GARANSI UANG KEMBALI jika barang yang di pesan...

Curated by: rikisk

Metrology for the next-generation digital substation instrumentation

This collection provides reports and background data sets related to EMPIR project "Metrology for the next-generation digital substation instrumentation" (17IND06 FutureGrid II) running 2018-06 - 2021-05 and co-funded by the European Union and the...

Curated by: jarih

NuGrid Nucleosynthesis Grid collaboration

The Nucleosynthesis Grid (NuGrid) collaboration, formed in 2007, develops and maintains tools for large scale post-processing nucleosynthesis simulations with up-to-date and flexible nuclear physics input, and apply these to complete sets of quiescent...

Curated by: fherwig

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