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Open Resources for Audio Source Separation

We provide a list of publicly available datasets and Open Source Implementations that can be used for research on source separation method for various applications

Curated by: faroit

Computational Creativity

Modelling and Synthesis of Artificial Creative Agents and Societies

Curated by: designcomputing

Design Computing

Creative design approaches to computation, and computational approaches to creative design. Modelling, simulation, support systems, making & prototyping, visualization...

Curated by: designcomputing

Journal of Alternative Teaching Practices

Curated by: altakademi


Curated by: zgramos


STARDUST - The Asteroid and Space Debris Network (FP7 Marie-Curie Action: "Initial Training Networks", Grant Agreement 317185, from 2013-02-01 to 2017-01-31) Asteroids and space debris represent a significant hazard for space and terrestrial assets;...

Curated by: pcastrom1

Manipur Digital Resources

On Manipur (India) - its literary and cultural texts, oral and textual history, Manipuri language and Tibeto-Burman linguistics, documentation, video, audio and photographs. Components: Manipuri Learning Module: Using the text of Asangba Nongjabi...

Curated by: ImasiFoundation

Ready Mix Concrete

Sakrete is renowned for the <a href="">ready-mixed concrete</a>manufacturer, supplier, and dealer in the USA. Find here ultimate ready-mix concrete for the best price, which improves durability, quality assurance, and high...

Curated by: Sakrete

High Resolution Surveying with International LOFAR

Talks from the Lorentz Center workshop "High Resolution Surveying with International LOFAR" 19-23 March 2018

Curated by:

2017 Frank N. Bash Symposium - New Horizons in Astronomy

Curated by: clhung

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