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Through an European research partnership and transnational collaboration with developing country experts, the 3DForMod project aims at providing new techniques and methodology in the field of GHG emissions monitoring and mitigation research, in order...

Curated by: Admin3dformod

Imaging of Stellar Surfaces

There have been tremendous recent advances in observational techniques enabling resolution of the surfaces of stars other than the Sun. Current and planned VLTI instruments, SPHERE on the VLT and ALMA, as well as other interferometric facilities, have...

Curated by: ESOLibrary


Publications of the EU project View-Finder

Curated by: gdcubber

Moving towards Life Cycle Thinking by integrating Advanced Waste Management Systems

The main objective of this project is to move forward the current waste management practices into a circular economy motto, demonstrating the value of integrating and validating a set of 20 eco-innovative solutions that cover all the waste value...

Curated by: cruzki

Continental Journal of Sustainable Development

Curated by: Sedinst

FabLab international conferences, research papers stream

The Fab Lab Research Papers Stream takes place annually during the international Fab Lab conference.

Curated by: trox

Code and Data for the GSA methods paper by Ryan et al.

The R code and data for the paper by Ryan et al. entitled "Fast sensitivity analysis methods for computationally expensive models with multi-dimensional output"

Curated by: ryane1

Urban Fieldwork in Berlin 2018

Materials on small languages spoken in Berlin collected by students of HU Berlin in 2018

Curated by: frankseifart

Computer Aided Assessment and Feedback in Mathematics: Contributions to the 1st International STACK conference 2018 in F├╝rth, Germany

STACK ( is a CAS-based plugin for Ilias and Moodle that allows randomization of mathematical tasks and provides feedback based on individual answers. It is a powerful tool for computer aided assessment and feedback, similarily in...

Curated by: pinkernell

linkedgeodesy by Florian Thiery M.Sc.

Curated by: fthiery

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