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Transatlantic Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (TJMR)

Transatlantic Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (TJMR) is an international , peer reviewed multidisciplinary  open access journal .We  publish  original research papers, case reports, short communications, book reviews, Thesis etc., from broad...

Curated by: transatlanticj

National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe

This is the Zenodo Community of NI4OS-Europe, an INRAEOSC-5b project. Mission and vision of NI4OS-Europe are to be a core contributor to European Open Science Cloud service portfolio, commit to EOSC governance and ensure inclusiveness on the European...

Curated by: elto1

Pan-African Journal Of Humanities And Social Science

Pan-African Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is a thorough peer-reviewed journal which publishes well writing and edited articles from humanity and social science disciplines. It is an interdisciplinary journal which promotes cross-breeding...

Curated by: pajhas

CyberSANE H2020 Project

CyberSANE is an EU-funded project aiming to develop an innovative and novel system to protect Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) against cybercriminals and tackle current threats that could affect the operations of infrastructures related to...

Curated by: anamoralesperez1

H2020 Infrastructure Project NanoCommons

Read-across approaches, which are currently absent for NMs, in large part as a result of data fragmentation and inaccessibility, would reduce the cost of nanosafety research and regulation dramatically by removing the need for extensive laboratory and...

Curated by: Tassos

Vidyankur: Journal of Philosophical and Theological Studies (ISSN 2320 9429)

Vidyankur ("Sprout of Wisdom/Knowledge") is a journal to foster personal integration through philosophical search, theological insights, scientific openness and social concern.

Curated by: vidyankur

Top 10 Fans Luffy di One Piece

ini adalah 10 orang yang fans pada Luffy

Curated by: Onepiecesite

SIDDHAM traductions

Traductions d'inscriptions d’Asie du Sud, éditées dans SIDDHAM : The Asia Inscriptions Database (disponible via

Curated by: EpigraphicCoordinator

Manfaat Kunyit untuk Kesehatan

Kunyit merupakan salah satu tanaman rempah dan obat. Hampir setiap orang Indonesia pernah mengkonsumsi tanaman rempah ini baik sebagai bumbu masakan, jamu maupun untuk menjaga kesehatan dan kecantikan.

Curated by: ardintoro

Genetics of gene expression and chromatin accessibility in macrophage immune response

Curated by: kauralasoo

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