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Pedagogy for Higher Education Large Classes

The Pedagogy for Higher Education Large Classes (PHELC) community collection includes papers which have been peer reviewed and accepted  for inclusion in a PHELC workshop or symposium. Full reports of the proceedings of PHELC are also included in the...

Curated by: logana

Fragile Nucleosome

Fragile Nucleosome is a discussion group for scientists interested in chromatin and gene regulation. The constantly updated list of seminars can be found at this web page. Ongoing discussions are happening at the Discord server

Curated by: Fragile_Nucleosome


Curated by: COBRA

UCASE Research group

A research group from the University of Cadiz, Spain.

Curated by: lorgut

The build up of galaxies through multiple tracers and facilities

Australia-ESO joint conference, 17-20 February 2020 in Perth, Australia By 2020, we will have obtained the first major results from a huge variety of “pathfinder” facilities that are operating with entirely new types of survey instruments. These...

Curated by: ESOLibrary

Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies

Curated by: FranceMartin

LFMI Digital

LFMI Digital team undertakes collaborative research, development and promotion of digital humanities and cultural heritage. It develops and maintains open digital resources, organizes crowdsourcing campaigns, initiates digital humanities events and...

Curated by: LFMI_digital

Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia

Curated by: akmalahmat

ECCSEL Depressurization Facility

Open data sets from the ECCSEL Depressurization Facility will be published here.

Curated by: svendtm


The collection hosts Research Outputs from the research community of Cyprus.

Curated by: CyprusNationalOpenAccessDesk

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