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Laboratoire d'économie d'Orléans

Laboratoire d'Economie d'Orléans : CNRS-University (FRE2014). It has about a hundred members, whose research covers three main areas of expertise: Macroeconomics and Finance, Econometrics, International Economics and Sustainable Development.  

Curated by: Laboratoire_economie_Orleans

SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal

The SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal support the sharing of Antarctic biodiversity data and code for analysing Antarctic Biodiversity data. It is an official product of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic research. It acts as the regional thematic...

Curated by: Antonarctica

University of Antwerp - Toxicological Centre

Curated by: pvervliet

Large Europe Knowledge Commons on Superbugs And Phage Therapy

Once upon a time governments and business people thought phage therapy will be the next Gold rush? But there is a big double problem : phage therapy is simple and no direct patent can be registered. So phage therapy can only be developed within a...

Curated by: ChrisBois


Scientific Journal for Cultural Studies and Literature

Curated by: IDSI

Hearing Sciences

This community is dedicated to centralize all publications and ressources about hearing sciences.

Curated by: grimault

Kuriositas: Media Komunikasi Sosial dan Keagamaan

Jurnal Kuriositas: Media Komunikasi Sosial dan Keagamaan is a scientific journal focuses on Islam, Education, Culture and Moslem Societies issues. It was firstly published at 2008 by IAIN Parepare (formerly STAIN Parepare) and available online since...

Curated by: faydan2809

GS2 Developer Meeting 2019

Collection of slides from the GS2 Developer Meeting, 11th-12th July 2019

Curated by: JosephThomasParker

Engineering Education Research Group

Our motivation is to bring attention to the fascinating world of engineering and to train the next generation of creative engineers. Our main research areas include the development of new and appropriate teaching and assessment strategies, evaluation...

Curated by: uog_eerg

Dịch vụ rút hầm cầu ở quận 5

Curated by: duonghamcauquan5

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