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INIS mirror

Curated by: zaven

Analysis (Madrid, ISSN: 2386-3994)

Repositorio para los trabajos académicos de «Analysis. Claves de Pensamiento Contemporáneo» (Madrid, ISSN: 2386-3994). Todos los documentos son de acceso abierto, bajo licencia Creative Commons 4.0 Internacional. 

Curated by: analysis

Model Based Safety Assessment

This community, curated by Antoine Rauzy (NTNU, Norway), aims at bringing together all types of documents and software related to Model Based Safety Assessment (MBSA). The objective is to create a repository where engineers, researchers, consultants,...

Curated by:


Clinical Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy for Medical Diagnosis

Curated by: AlexHenderson

MoReWater. H2020 Project - 2015

Repository for the MoReWater project. "Developing a Monitoring and Reporting framework to ensure availability and sustainable management of Water for all" 

Curated by:

National University of Science and Technology,Faculty of Industrial Technology: Department of Fibre and Polymer Materials Engineering

Curated by: nust_library

International Journal of Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Name of the publisher  : Science Press Status of Publication  : Current serial (c) Start date of publication or projected start date for pre-publications : 200701 Frequency: Monthly (m) Language  : English (eng) Medium  : Print (ta) ISSN 2517-9934

Curated by: journals

MolluscaBase - Molluscan Species Pictures

Here are pictures uploaded, who are thumbnailed in the Database MolluscaBase: If you use the picture for publications, please make sure that the copyright is taken into account  

Curated by: SteBo

KARL FRIEDRICH ZOELLNER and the historical dimension of astronomical photometry A collection of papers on the History of Photometry

KARL FRIEDRICH ZOELLNER and the historical dimension of astronomical photometry A collection of papers on the History of Photometry.   Sterken, C.; Staubermann, K. B. The Journal of Astronomical Data (JAD), Volume 6, Number 7, 2000. This book results...

Curated by: csterken

Department of Modeling of Industrial Objects and Complexes, CEMI RAS, Moscow

Curated by: mrybachuk

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