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Curated by: mitsche

Kuijjer Lab

Zenodo data page of the Kuijjer Lab (

Curated by: mararie

Linguistic Atlas Projects

We offer information about English as it is spoken in the United States. Most of the projects included in the Linguistic Atlas Projects present the results of survey research carried out between 1930 and 1980; some are more recent.    

Curated by: jhtidwell

08-Plasmas Froids Astrophysique

Ouvrage  Plasmas Froids : Astrophysique, Aérospatial, Environnement, Biologie, Nanomatériaux édité en 2006 : ISBN 978-2862724256 Directeurs de publication : Granier Agnès Directeur de collection et Editeur: Mottin Stéphane

Curated by: mottin

13-Microélectrode à cavité

Ouvrage  Microélectrode à cavité: Principe, développement et applications pour l’étude de la réactivité de matériaux insolubles édité en 2009 : ISBN 978-2862725000 Directeurs de publication : Vivier Vincent Directeur de collection et Editeur: Mottin Stéphane

Curated by: mottin

Language in society

Curated by: fernando_ramallo

LARD, the London Area Research Data group

Resources by and for LARD members

Curated by: StephenGraceful

AEGIS Project

AEGIS brings together the data, the network and the technologies to create a curated, semantically enhanced, interlinked and multilingual repository for “Public Safety and Personal Security”-related Big Data.   The AEGIS project has received funding...

Curated by: HYPERTECH

AffecTech - Personal Technologies For Affective Health

AffecTech is a digital health research network advancing personal health technologies to help people with affective health disorders (depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder). AffecTech is a project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020...

Curated by: AffecTech

GCModeller Project

Visit project home: [GCModeller: genomics CAD(Computer Assistant Design) Modeller system in .NET language](

Curated by: xieguigang

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