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3D Scans of Projectile Points from the Mill Iron Site

This collection contains three-dimensional (3D) scan data of lithic projectile points from the Late Paleoindian Mill Iron archaeological site (24CT30) in southeast Montana. All of the specimens in this community are curated at the Bureau of Land...

Curated by: Philip_Fisher

Resilient Information Systems Security Group

Research data used by the  Resilient Information Systems Security Group  

Curated by: eclupu


Curated by: pelisson

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Curated by: onyame

Quackenbush Lab

Zenodo data page of the John Quackenbush lab.

Curated by: mararie

Social Cognition Lab at Massey University

Research associated with the Social Cognition Lab at Massey University. 

Curated by: mphilipp

DataMeet - Community of Open Data from India

DataMeet - Community of Open Data from India

Curated by: thejehgn

Dorsal. Revista de Estudios Foucaultianos

Repositorio para los artículos de la revista Dorsal de CENALTES. Todos de acceso abierto, bajo licencia Creative Commons 4.0 Internacional. El repositorio funciona como una comunidad en ZENODO, repositorio de acceso abierto.

Curated by: RevistaDorsal

Continental Journal of Engineering Sciences

Curated by: Sedinst

kitchen exhaust cleaning in dubai

cleaning is a wide term overwhelmingly utilized by cleaning organizations who procure a wage by being shrunk by people, organizations, or enterprises to complete cleaning employments in an assortment of premises. Cleaning organizations can be found in...

Curated by: sameena

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