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Magnetics and Microhydrodynamics: From guided transport to delivery

This multidisciplinary network entitled: “Magnetics and Microhydrodynamics - from guided transport to delivery” (MaMi) bridges the research fields of fluidics and magnetism, by taking advantage of magnetic forces to control local flows and cargo...

Curated by: MaMi-H2020

TIRA Integrated Research Architecture

Curated by: potthast

Publications of the REAL Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Publications of the REAL Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Curated by: REALCentre

Ready Mix Concrete

Sakrete is renowned for the <a href="">ready-mixed concrete</a>manufacturer, supplier, and dealer in the USA. Find here ultimate ready-mix concrete for the best price, which improves durability, quality assurance, and high...

Curated by: Sakrete

High Resolution Surveying with International LOFAR

Talks from the Lorentz Center workshop "High Resolution Surveying with International LOFAR" 19-23 March 2018

Curated by:

NuGrid Nucleosynthesis Grid collaboration

The Nucleosynthesis Grid (NuGrid) collaboration, formed in 2007, develops and maintains tools for large scale post-processing nucleosynthesis simulations with up-to-date and flexible nuclear physics input, and apply these to complete sets of quiescent...

Curated by: fherwig

VITA ANTIQUA - Th. Vovk Center for Paleoethnological Research

«VITA ANTIQUA» is an edition specializing in the publication of scientific literature on the prehistory, anthropology and archaeology in Eastern Europe. Among the proposed publications are periodic collections of scientific papers «VITA ANTIQUA», as...

Curated by: PavloShydlovskyi

SUREAL-23 H2020 project

The SUREAL-23 project is developing novel nanoparticle concentration/size/composition measurement instrumentation, with special focus on the ultrafine nanoparticles emitted by internal combustion engines. The goal of the project is to quantitatively...

Curated by: PenelopeBaltzopoulou

Virtual Reality Research Repository

A community to share all type of publications (Book, Journal, Working paper, Thesis, Proposal, etc) related to the Virtual Reality and Computer-Simulated Reality.

Curated by: rezakhani

PARTHENOS Training (Open materials from PARTHENOS Training)

Openly accessible online training materials from PARTHENOS Training which can be shared and repurposed for training. PARTHENOS stands for “Pooling Activities, Resources and Tools for Heritage E-research Networking, Optimization and Synergies”. The...

Curated by: parthenos-webinars

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