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Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions

Helsinki Centre of Excellence on "Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions".

Curated by: vmakipelto

Quotation and reported speech: data and analysis

A community and platform for sharing data and analyses on reported speech, quotation and metapragmatics, with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary and cross-theoretical debate around these topics. Contributions may include, but are not limited to,...

Curated by: StefS

Star Formation from Cores to Clusters

We aim to bring together astronomers who are pursuing a variety of strategies to contribute in answering the question: “What constitutes a prototypical low-mass star forming region from core to cluster scales?” This question refers specifically to the...

Curated by: ESO Library

Middle Stone Age

Topic covers the African Middle Stone Age, a cultural period covering the emergence of our species.

Curated by: escerri


revista INGENIERIA INDUSTRIAL is a international journal for publication of new advances in Industrial Engineering (3 times per year) and the state of the art research results in Spanish, English and Portuguese language. The Journal is an open access,...


Search Strategies

A community to make search strategies from research projects openly available as part of the scholarly record for transparency to help validate research findings, as well as allowing information specialists and researchers to adapt and build...

Curated by: kirstine

Soil care for profitable and sustainable crop production in Europe

European crop production is to remain competitive while reducing environmental impacts, requiring development and uptake of effective soil-improving cropping systems. The overall aim of Soilcare is to identify and evaluate promising soil...

Curated by: sje

Shukla Group Datasets

This zenodo community includes simulation datasets, codes and other material related to the publications from Shukla Group at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Curated by: shukla

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) promotes and supports digital research and teaching across all arts and humanities disciplines, acting as a community-based advisory force, and supporting excellence in research, publication,...

Curated by: c.schoech

Submillimeter Array (SMA) Newsletters

The Submillimeter Array (SMA) is an 8-element radio interferometer located atop Maunakea in Hawaii. Operating at frequencies from 180 GHz to 418 GHz, the 6m dishes may be arranged into configurations with baselines as long as 509m, producing a...

Curated by: SMA Project

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