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Decimo lotería de Navidad 2022 online

Estima tus posibilidades. La pregunta sigue abierta. Mucha gente gana con sistemas prefabricados (en enalotto), pero mucha gente usa sistemas prefabricados. Estadísticamente, las probabilidades son las mismas sea cual sea la combinación de números que...

Curated by: decimosloteria


Repository of simulation software, workflows, documentation and outcomes of the Centre of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth (ChEESE). https://cheese-coe.eu/

Curated by: ChEESE-curator

The AI for Science and Government community at The Alan Turing Institute

Curated by: RaoOfPhysics

MIGWELL Project: Well-being and Migration: The Hungary-Austria Migration Nexus (FWF/NKFIH Joint Research Project)

The MIGWELL project focuses on the nexus of migration and well-being in Hungary and Austria. Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, it seeks to explore the impacts of migration on subjective well-being in the case of Hungarian immigrants...

Curated by: Bgoncz

Research at Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

Technical reports and other publications from Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center - https://www.nersc.no/

Curated by: nersc

Open Urban Sustainability Hubs

Empowering local communities with open science. This repository community collects project and research outputs of the OPUSH project. OPUSH empowers local communities by granting permanent access to open knowledge ecosystems through local libraries....

Curated by: TanyaYankelevich

TRR 237 - Nucleic Acid Immunity

Curated by: vhornung

Zayed University Library

Curated by: yrjo

Hiring assessments

Curated by: sonjoby004

RE-COGNITION - Renewable Energy Technologies for Zero Energy Buildings

RE-COGNITION is a three-year project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. The main ambition of the project is to develop a future and technology-proof integrated solution aiming to maximize the utilization of the energy...

Curated by: pandurilor12

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