Vertical demos over common large scale field trials for rail, energy and media industries

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Vertical demos over common large scale field trials for rail, energy and media industries

As deploying 5G solutions for vertical industries in Europe is a well-defined objective, there is a clear need to develop future proof 5G infrastructures to address a wide range of vertical applications adopting a flexible architecture, offering converged services across heterogeneous technology domains deploying unified software control. It is true to say that despite the European strategy to support verticals through 5G solutions, verticals face the problem that they can only practically verify their use cases in small scales in commercially relevant environments before investing in large scale deployments. Through ICT-17 projects, EU has invested in the development of 5G ICT infrastructures that will become available to verticals to test their applications. ICT-17 projects provide small scale testbed infrastructures that in some cases need suitable extensions to enable integration of verticals and allow a small scale testing environment for vertical commercially relevant infrastructures. However, large scale trials are not possible with the current ICT-17 facilities. In view of this, 5G-VICTORI aims at conducting large scale trials for advanced use case verification in a commercially relevant 5G environment for a number of verticals including Transportation, Energy, Media and Factories of the Future as well as some specific use cases involving cross-vertical interaction (Figure 1). The specific use cases that 5G VICTORI will concentrate on include:

  • “Enhanced Mobile broadband under high speed mobility”, Vertical: Transportation – Rail,
  • “Digital Mobility”, Cross-Vertical – Transportation and Media,
  • “Critical services for railway systems”, Vertical: Rail,
  • “Smart Energy Metering”, Cross-Vertical: Energy and Rail,
  • “Digitization of Power Plants”, Vertical: Smart Factory, and
  • “CDN services in dense, static and mobile environments”, Vertical: Media

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July 20, 2021
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