5G-EPICENTRE will lay the foundations for an open-standards, end-to-end (E2E) 5G experimentation platform, focused on software solutions that serve the needs of public protection and disaster relief. The envisioned platform will enable SMEs and developers to acquire knowledge regarding the latest 5G applications and approaches for first responders and crisis management, as well as to build up, and experiment with their solutions. The 5GEPICENTRE experimentation platform will be based on an open Service oriented Architecture (SoA), following the current best Development and Operations (DevOps) practices (e.g. containerization of micro-services), and will be able to accommodate and provide open access to a federation of evolutionary 5G networks’ resources, acting this way as a 5G open source repository for 5G-enabled PPDR solutions. Furthermore, it will incorporate security by design approaches, such as e.g. a trusted data interchange layer safeguarding the security and integrity of the data transferability and services intercommunication between the endpoints and the infrastructure.