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April 9, 2021 (vv0.8.3) Software Open Access

epiforecasts/covidregionaldata: Beta release

Sam Abbott; Kath Sherratt; Jonnie-Bevan; Richard Martin-Nielsen; hamishgibbs; Flavio Finger; Hugo Gruson; Sebastian Funk; Joel Hellewell; Paul Campbell; Richard Boyes; Patrick Barks; Joe Palmer; Maria; Haze Lee; joeHickson; Sophie Meakin

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April 1, 2021 (v8.2.0) Software Open Access

python-pillow/Pillow: 8.2.0

Hugo van Kemenade; wiredfool; Andrew Murray; Alex Clark; Alexander Karpinsky; Ondrej Baranovič; Christoph Gohlke; Jon Dufresne; Brian Crowell; David Schmidt; Konstantin Kopachev; Alastair Houghton; Sandro Mani; Steve Landey; vashek; Josh Ware; Jason Douglas; David Caro; Uriel Martinez; Steve Kossouho; Riley Lahd; Stanislau T.; Antony Lee; Eric W. Brown; Oliver Tonnhofer; Mickael Bonfill; Peter Rowlands (변기호); Fahad Al-Saidi; German Novikov; Michał Górny

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March 30, 2021 (vv17.2.0) Software Open Access

ocelhay/como: v17.2.0

Olivier; Bo Gao; SaiTheinThanTun; ricardoaguas

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